More Kitchen Planning

I forget what went wrong in the kitchen the other day, but it did spur me to take some concrete actions with regard to kitchen planning. I bought a magazine so I could check out what kinds of new appliances are popular, and I've been researching induction cooktops online.

I've decided I'm going to get a cooktop with at least one induction burner, possibly more. I still have to figure out how it performs with various cooking techniques (like sauteeing). I'm also going to ditch the oven beneath the cooktop. It seems unnecessarily dangerous, in my opinion. If the oven is low, I want to take things out of the oven and put them on the counter directly above the oven. This is only possible now if I am not currently cooking on the burners which are right above my oven. But I will probably just go with a wall oven, and not have a low oven at all. There's really no reason I should have to bend down all the time to use the oven. It's one of those things that were invented for the convenience of cooktop/oven manufacturers, NOT for the convenience of the home cook. And with the handle to open the oven up around 5' or whatever it is with the wall oven, it will take W many more years until he can open the oven door, which makes a wall oven safer in that respect, also. I routinely have the oven set over 450F for baking bread and pizza, so it would burn him badly should he open the door and touch anything.

I'm definitely moving the location of the appliances. Well, at least ONE appliance-- the refrigerator is in a really stupid place in the current configuration-- you can't open the freezer door all the way! I might move the dishwasher, and I might move the range to the island. And the wall oven will have to go somewhere.

It's kind of a shame that the current configuration is so bad, since the cabinets are in good condition, and it will be expensive to replace them. But I'm not sure if I'll be able to have them taken out and re-installed in different locations, or if I'll be able to get additional cabinets to match if I need more. Perhaps we can make it work, I might have to get an estimate from the shop that originally installed them. I'm pretty sure I've got their name somewhere from a list the builder gave me when we bought the home (since the previous owner didn't leave any of the documentation). On the other hand, I'm a little tired of the white cabinets. I think I'd prefer a wood finish, but I'm more concerned about functionality than appearance for this remodel. I'm not really unhappy with the way my kitchen looks now, I'm just mildly irritated with the way it functions, and if I'm going to have to replace the appliances (which are now 11 years old), I might as well get state-of-the-art since we'll most likely stay in this home for the next 15+ years. The appliances are just starting to show their age, and I don't want to have to rush my planning because something breaks and must be replaced right away. I want to have everything planned out at my leisure, so when it's really time to fix the kitchen, I can just make the phone calls and have it done.