Garden Update: Fence (Video)

Today's babysitting morning (we have a sitter for 3 hrs every Tuesday morning for the rest of the summer) was very productive. First T & I inspected the area he cleared around the maple tree and discussed our plans for it (there is a hidden grove we hadn't considered utilizing before he found and cleared it). Then we did some work on my garden.

The weedy patch with the broken-down rabbit fence has been bugging me all season, so today I ripped it up (with T's help), and installed new fence. I still need to get some rebar posts to help anchor it around the bricks at the bottom, but it'll do for now. I'm starting to run out of carpet, but there are still a few pieces I might be able to salvage from under some large equipment in the driveway. But it may be easier to visit the dumpster behind a carpet store tomorrow when I'm out with the truck. I'm addicted to the carpeted paths now. The cardboard doesn't feel nearly as good underfoot. At least I didn't pave my garden paths with gold and get used to that. . .