Grand Marnier Cream Crepes For Breakfast

I made some dessert cups out of peanut butter cookie dough the other day (yeah, I've got to re-read the "Change Your Mind, Change Your Body" book, I've already forgotten what I was so jazzed up about that made me eat very healthy for a week), and made some whipped cream flavored with Grand Marnier.

But the flavor was actually too strong to perfectly complement the cookies, so I didn't fill them all, and wound up with leftover orange liquor whipped cream. Which I realized would probably go really well inside of crepes.

So this morning, I made crepes for the sole purpose of using them to enjoy the rest of the flavored cream. And it was as delicious as I imagined. T and I make crepes for breakfast regularly (at least once per week), but usually flavor them by drizzling a little maple syrup on them, or if we have a lemon we'll use a little lemon juice and sugar (traditional sidewalk-crepe flavor). But I like the flavored whipped cream way better than the maple syrup, and probably equivalent to the lemon/sugar. So in the future, I may make some whipped creme especially for my crepes. I may try flavoring it with Chambord next time.