W Almost Danced With A Girl

For my Friday afternoon excursion with W, today we first did a very little shopping to get him some more outfits and pajamas. For the past week I've been chopping up some of his newborn gowns so he'd have something to wear each night. I cut off the cuffs (which still have those little fold-over flaps to keep babies from scratching themselves) and halfway up the sleeves so they become short-sleeved. Then I cut off the elastic from the bottom. The elastic used to be below his feet, and would keep the gown down, but now it's around his knees and serves no useful purpose, and is probably uncomfortable for him. But since the gowns still fit around his little body, I'm still gonna put them on him as nightshirts.

After that, we went downtown and spent 30 minutes at the Discovery Museum we joined earlier this week. W spent a little more time in the toddler room today, and actually climbed up the stairs onto the "ship" and went down the slide (I had to help him with the slide). He also had some interaction with a little toddler girl. She was putting megablocks together, and W wound up getting more blocks from the bucket under the table, and handing them to her.

Then I took him to look at the current exhibit at the McGuffey Art Center. We were the only ones there at the time, so mostly I quizzed him about the subject matter (where is the cow? do you see the chickens? and he'd point to the painting with the subject I named). Then we got some crepes to-go, and headed down to hear the music.

W spent a lot of time dancing tonight. In previous weeks he hasn't paid much attention to the music, but tonight he really was into it. I danced with him some (he really liked it when I held his arms and pushed him forwards and back, like for swing dancing). There were several toddler girls nearby who caught his eye, and when one stood still for a minute, I plopped him in front of her and suggested he dance with her. Her mother was right there, and prompted the girl to introduce herself to W, which she did. But all W did was stand and stare, so I explained that he didn't talk much, but I thought maybe he would like to dance with her. So her mother asked her to show W how to dance. The girl did a little dance, kind of a goose-steppy sort of thing, and I told W he should move his feet and dance. But he didn't. He just stood stock still in place, watching the girl.

He was getting tired, we were just about to leave when the opportunity for him to interact with the girl presented itself, so there was no time for follow-up. Perhaps W will be more outgoing next week. Nevertheless, he spent a LOT of time smiling this evening. He is not typically a very smiley kid, he mostly has a very serious expression and is paying close attention to everything that is happening around him. But tonight, while he was certainly doing more observing than interacting, at least he was SMILING while he was observing. I'm glad he was able to lighten up a little and have a good time.

In retrospect, perhaps he was having too good of a time. It took me nearly 1.5 hours to get him to sleep tonight, and I blame it on myself for getting him all riled up in the evening. If we go to Fridays After Five next week, I think I may make him walk the 1/4 to 1/2 mile back to the car when we leave, to ensure he's totally physically exhausted and will sleep right when he gets home.