I Didn't Expect A Molar

W had a few sleepless nights (well, not exactly sleepless, but he woke up 2-3 times between midnight and 6am) last week, but we didn't know why. Now we see, he has a molar!

I had noticed some excessive drool earlier this week, and felt around his gums, but I only checked immediately to the left and right of his existing teeth. It did not occur to me that he would skip incisors and go straight to molars!

This might also explain why some meals he didn't want to eat very much, yet would nurse AND polish off two bottles before naps & bedtime. Poor baby's mouth must have hurt too much to chew food, yet he was hungry. I figured it was just a weird sort of growth spurt that required milk instead of food. I guess that's a rookie-mom sort of thought, next time I'll know better.