Tree Carnage

T & I ripped up 30 trees by the roots in an hour and a half this morning. T would have gone one to tear up more, but I was so bored I had to call it quits after 90 minutes. It's my job to back the tractor up about 3' away from a tree. Then T wraps a chain once fully looped around the base, then I drive the tractor forward, pulling the tree out of the ground.

There is a little bit of excitement for me from time to time. Sometimes the trees are quite large, and instead of pulling the tree out of the ground, the front tires of the tractor go up in the air. When that happens, I get to quickly stomp on the clutch to get the tractor back on the ground, and try again. Sometimes I back up and try pulling in another direction. But I'm pretty sure we got all the trees we attempted today. But mostly the job is not exciting. I sit on the tractor and wait and wait and wait until T gets the chain on the tree, then I put it in drive and within a few seconds the tree is out and I start waiting again. Oh yeah, I have to wait while he unwinds the chain from the tree and drags it out of the driveway, too.

Nevertheless, we're fairly productive. To hire this job out would cost us an order of magnitude more than the $10/hour we pay for a babysitter.

T went on to do a lot of landscape work today, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures. Which left me here to tend the baby. W went to bed very late last night, so I let him take a three-hour nap. But that didn't leave much time for an afternoon activity, so I just did my best to amuse him here at home. Spent a little time in the garden with him, let him play on the porch while I read a magazine. But I was pretty bored and unmotivated for all that, too. I didn't get much sleep last night, myself, so maybe I'm just lacking energy because I'm tired. I'll go to bed early tonight, hopefully wake up rarin' to go tomorrow.

It's hard to believe that all the summer programs are ending already. Tomorrow is the last family day program sponsored by the library. Our babysitter's last day is next Tuesday, then she goes back to school in NC. Guess I'd better start looking for a new one. . .