Making Progress

Slowly but surely, I'm making slight progress. I'm nearing the end of the "standard" course of neurofeedback treatment. So far, I can happily report that it has worked very well to alleviate symptoms of depression. I've been 100% off meds for two months now, and feel fine. However, the ADD is proving harder to treat. But rather than continue seeing the therapist several times per week, I'm going to switch to home treatment. I ordered some biofeedback equipment this afternoon (measures heart rate and skin response), and am in the process of finding a used EEG that will be suitable.

I'm nearly caught up with laundry, and have a reinvigorated interest in working on the garden design for next year. I also ordered a book about the best way to construct a swimming pond (I am determined to get the pond done before the permit expires!). Earlier this week, I made the waistband extensions for four more diapers (although I haven't sewn them on the too-small diapers yet).

Speaking of diapers, I started teaching W how to take his off today. Madness, you say? I think not. I think it's getting in the way of him being potty-trained. Lately, he's been grabbing the pot and carrying it to me (hmm, "sign of readiness", anyone?), but sometimes this happens AFTER he pees in his diaper. I am going to start potty-training him in earnest now. He still needs practice sitting on his potty without being helped on, but I think he's capable, he just really does need to practice this. But there's no point if he's sitting on there while still in a diaper, so he's got to learn to take it off. Plus I'm going to do more pure totally pantsless time for him (yes, I generally perform this experiment when we're outside on the porch), so he can focus on just making it to the pot in time. While it hasn't turned out that he was potty-trained at 7 months like one of the babies in the "diaper-free" book we read, I think it's realistic to hope that he'll be essentially trained by the time he's 18 months old. I'll take that. And even so far, even if by our training-from-birth method we have only saved ourselves from changing a minimum of one diaper per day, that's still HUNDREDS fewer diapers than most stay-at-home parents deal with (albeit probably hundreds MORE than people who stick their kids in daycare deal with, it's no wonder they don't care how many years their kids are in diapers! If we only changed diapers on evenings & weekends, I don't suppose it would be that big a deal).

My garden is also progressing. So far this week I've harvested squash (I've already started preserving squash, I'm harvesting more than we can eat!), tomatoes, peas, and peppers. I'm trying to get a good idea what I want my "perfect" garden plan for next year to look like, so I can get my fall crops planted as soon as possible; as it is, they'll be going in a tad late.