I Hate Shopping For Phones

My current phone's previously wonderful battery life has become pathetic over the years. I could just replace the battery, but am trying to use this opportunity to overhaul our entire mobile phone system.

We've been on the same plan with Sprint for several years now, and it's no longer available. But it was chosen for our needs at the time, which are much different now. Before, we needed something that worked well in many different cities, PLUS on the farm, with a certain amount of data and talk time. We use our phones much, much less now.

I need to review our last year's worth of usage for each of Terry's and my phones, and figure that's about what we'll do going forward. We might switch from an all-inclusive family package to a pay-as-you go system. But I need to crunch the numbers. If we get new phones, even with a family plan, it is likely that we'll lose our grandfathered current plan, which is less expensive than any "plan" available now.

It is a nuisance figuring out what will be both most functional and both economic for us, but it could save significant money over the long-term, so as of now, I'm considering it a worthwhile effort and am keeping it on my to-do list. But I'm not looking forward to the chore.