He's Just Too Cute

I took W on our typical Friday-afternoon excursion today. Also typical was W's condition when I got back from neurofeedback after lunch-- filthy. I changed him out of his dirty clothes, scrubbed him clean, and got him looking fit to appear in public with me.

We got rock-star parking downtown at 4pm, spent 45 minutes at the children's museum, then went for a long walk but never made it to the park. Got sandwiches and had a picnic while listening to the opening band at Fridays After Five. W danced quite a bit at the beginning, but got restless and fidgety before the main band came onstage, so we went home and he fell asleep in the car. Of course once we got home he wouldn't fall asleep again for an hour and a half (ugh), but at least he was out by 8:30pm.