Clifton Inn Is Still On The List

Since T and I started going out to dinner more often (since W could take a regular milk bottle at night instead of needing to be nursed), we've crossed several restaurants that used to be good off our list (list of "restaurants we like"). Al Dente is out, Petit Pois is out. Several others have closed down.

But we went out to Clifton Inn tonight, since they had special dinner menu featuring heirloom tomatoes, and I was curious if they'd prepare them in some new and interesting way. We've been eating a lot of heirloom tomatoes here on the farm, as you can imagine (T didn't sell out last week at the market).

They actually didn't come up with any recipes I consider particularly interesting, but their pairings were all excellent, and well-prepared. But what really got me was the service! The service was so much better than anyplace in Charlottesville I've been in recent memory. Hallelujah! And each dish was very good. Not necessarily innovative, but delicious. I'm happy with that. Although the dinner was a bust as far as being inspired for new ways to cook heirloom tomatoes (well, I will add pine nuts to the next tomato salad I make, that was good), it was very, very good as far as a dinner experience.

Neither T nor I was actually that impressed with the variety of heirlooms served, they weren't nearly as interesting as the ones Terry is growing. Perhaps he should market to them next year. . . Better yet, I should probably just take some initiative and come up with my own recipes for the heirloom tomatoes. Some have distinctive flavors, they could probably be well-showcased if I concentrated on it. But this might not be the best year for me to undertake the project-- it's all I can do to get three meals a day on the table and use up all the produce available. If I took the time to record recipes the boys would starve.