J's Last Day

T and I are both sad to see our regular babysitter, J, go back to school in NC; today was her last day with us. She is finishing up her teaching degree this semester, and will graduate in December, but she'll probably have a full-time job after that (most likely in NC), so the odds are slim we'll see her again.

She was great with William, and he really liked her a lot. He never cried when we left when he was with her, and he would smile and get excited when she came over. She told us today before she left that she thought W was very smart, and that we were very good parents. It was nice to hear, she's probably as close to a "professional" opinion on the matter as we're likely to get. Sometimes I wonder if he's all that bright when all the kids around him are doing stuff, and W is just standing still staring and doing nothing, but J said that W is observing, and that's actually a good thing. J said W was very musical, and she could tell we must spend a lot of time playing music with him. We do, in fact. We encourage him to play all manner of percussion instruments whenever we're singing or listening to music, and he really is getting better at keeping a beat. And I take him to Fridays After Five most weeks, so he can hear live bands and dance with (well, most of the time just near) other kids.

Fortunately, we won't be without a babysitter for long. Our high school babysitter is going to sit for us for the next few weeks at our regular times until she starts school, then I've got a graduate student in the Ed school at UVA lined up for the fall semester. We've had several different babysitters over the past year, and the education students do seem to handle the baby very well, so I'll take them whenever I can get them. Although the first one was a bust since she got some research grant and didn't have time to babysit after that. I hope the new girl will last at least a semester, if not longer.