Awesomely Fun Day!

T really did a great job with the birthday this year (he wanted to make up for forgetting it last year), and he nailed it. Today we went to King's Dominion, and I ran out of energy before we ran out of rollercoasters. But we're older than we used to be, and wise enough to know that we should stop at the last rollercoaster ride that we really looked forward to. It would have sucked the joy out of the day to plod on in exhaustion just to say we'd ridden them all. Although, we did ride nearly all the coasters, so it's not like we skimped on that.

I'll grab the park map and write reviews of the rides I went on, and put that in my "Reviews" section. This post is just to express my happiness at having a really fun day with my husband! Whoooo!

I am especially appreciative since I know that he really did sacrifice a bit for me, since he's not nearly the fan of rollercoasters that I am. He closes his eyes, he clenches his fists around the bars, while I am the one wildly screaming, arms waving overhead, looking around at everything. But there was only one single ride I went on alone (the Drop Tower); he went on every single other rollercoaster I wanted to ride. It was fun going with him, and we both had a good time. I want to do it again next year!