Storm Knocked Down Tepees, But Plants OK

We arrived home yesterday just after a storm came through (we know it was recently over since the road had about six trees down that hadn't been cleared yet, we had to drive around the long way to get home). I was curious how my plants weathered the weather, and was worried when I saw that all but one of my trellis/tepees were blown over.

Fortunately, the plants were fine. I guess an unexpected benefit of making lightweight supports out of dead wood twigs is that the plants are sturdier than the supports, and weren't pulled up when the tepees fell over. I just picked everything up (carefully, since the plants were still tied to the sticks in places) and the garden is again good as new.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the seeds I had planted on August 1 had germinated, except for the pumpkins and peas. A vast swath of previously wild and weedy garden is now covered in teeny-tiny little dicotyledons scattered in neat beds. We didn't get any rain today, I might give them a light sprinkling of water tomorrow morning if the ground seems dry.