Tuesday Morning Landscaping Continues

Despite J's departure, we haven't had to miss a beat with our weekly landscaping schedule. Our high-school babysitter, M, is going to fill in until she goes back to school, and then the new grad-student babysitter will take over.

Today we finished pulling what trees we could get with the tractor from the side of the driveway. The remainder are either small enough to be dispatched with clippers, or large enough that T will have to chop them down.

Then we continued work on Maple Shade Park. I measured and flagged the side of the tree that faced the house one afternoon last week, and today I measured and flagged the opposite side. We didn't finish that until noon, so I didn't get a chance to measure the slope on that side, I'll try to get that done tomorrow morning. Then I can figure out how much is reasonable to flatten out without having to do any tricky engineering with retaining walls. The side near the house will be easy enough-- the retaining wall will only be 17" high at most (it will be much lower in other places, since we'll follow the contour of the land at the perimeter), so we won't need to mortar it or anything.

The far side of the tree has a greater slope, so I may have to be more selective in choosing what area to flatten out. But sometimes things appear to be more of a problem than they actually are, which is why I'm going to take measurements. We thought the front was going to a problem, too, but it turns out that the slope is largely just the last few feet of the to-be-terraced area, and by using that to fill in the low spots it should all work out rather conveniently to make a level terrace.