Nails Not Shining Like Justice

Tonight, after W went to bed, I gave myself a Dremel pedicure so my feet would look reasonable at baby yoga tomorrow morning. I actually didn't even give myself a whole pedicure, I just got rid of the million layers of dead skin on the bottoms of my feet and pushed back the cuticles. I don't even remember the last time I had polish on my toenails. Sigh.

I decided to try buffing my nails with the Dremel. I've been afraid to try, but decided tonight that I had the courage. I attached the buffing wheel, and started with the nails on my left hand. I'm starting there, since it's easiest to control the device with my right hand and use it on my left hand. I did try it a little bit on my toenails, but it was an awkward position so I abandoned that before I hurt myself.

While the soft wheel did smooth out some of the ridges in my nails, it didn't get them shiny like those buffing cubes specifically meant to buff your nails. So I decided to give the polishing compound included with the Dremel sanding set a try. The instructions said if you use it, surfaces will shine like glass. That's what I wanted, so I gave it a try.

At first I couldn't quite figure out how to use it, it's been sitting in the box for a long time, so maybe mine was a little dried out, I don't know. But I worked a little bit between my fingers until it got pliable like clay, then I rubbed it into the fingernails of my left hand, turning them orange. Then I buffed it off using the tool.

But my nails did not even shine like glass, forget about shining like justice (my true goal). So I repeated the process twice more. Nevertheless, my nails never really got shiny. The buffing cubes work better, but I haven't been using them lately since they don't last long and get expensive to replace if you don't buy them on sale. I'm going to experiment with other drill tips and compounds until I find a Dremel solution.

Not that there isn't a noticeable difference between the nails on my left and right hands now, because there is. It's just more subtle than I'd prefer. But T noticed it when I held out my hands and asked him if he could tell the difference. He said the nails on my left hand looked like they were shiny "like plastic" while the nails on my right hand looked rougher and duller. Since I'm not going to be winning any good-grooming competitions with nails that shine "like plastic", this is not satisfactory to me. Although perhaps better than the completely ungroomed alternative that is their natural state. . .