Looking At Shoes

I caught myself looking at shoes today. Not just any shoes, but beautiful shoes by emilio pucci. I was following an online link to some members-only discount retailer, and today's special was on shoes. It was only when I was about to click on a pair (that were only $175!) to see if there were any in my size that I came to my senses. I must have been mesmerized by photo after photo of shoes for several minutes before that.

The first thing that came to mind was, "$175 is not a reasonable price to pay for a pair of shoes anymore, no matter how beautiful" It's to be expected of an executive's wife, you've got to look good at all those conferences, after all, but I think it's a bit much for a farmer's wife.

The next thing that I thought was, "I have a closet full of beautiful shoes that I don't wear anymore, what makes me think I'd wear a new pair if I had them?"

Which was immediately followed by the thought, "those shoes are a little tight ever since the pregnancy stretched out my feet, maybe I'm a size 9 now. . ."

At that point I completely clicked away from the site, lest I spend any more time trying to rationalize a purchase.