Inchworm Yoga Fatigue

A new yoga studio, Bend, opened on Charlottesville's downtown mall this week. They've got classes for different age groups, and "inchworm yoga" is the one I figured would work best for W (there are overlapping age ranges in the various classes). They've got a 9:30am class on Wednesdays, so today we woke up bright and early and headed into town to check it out.

It was more strenuous than I had anticipated. In the description for a different class, they had talked about doing exercises while holding your baby (it was targeted to very young babies and their mothers), but I hadn't seen that mentioned for the inchworm group. Nevertheless, we were instructed to do various exercises while carrying our toddlers. I think it's hard enough toting the boy around when necessary on a regular basis, it certainly hadn't occurred to me to try toting him around while exercising. Yet I gamely gave it a try. I could keep up with the considerably more-fit younger mothers about half the time. When I got tired, I just modified the exercise to something less grueling. For example, we were doing lunges around the room while holding our children in front of us. I probably made it fine for the first four laps (I wasn't counting, since when we started I didn't think we'd possibly go around more than twice). But after that, I just walked regular while carrying W. I'd do a lunge now and then, but c'mon, the amount of lunges suggested seemed just ridiculous. I did notice that the other moms who looked closer to my age were also grumbling a bit about the lunges. The 20-somethings who looked like they did yoga every day anyway didn't seem bothered by it, though.

Overall, I'd say the class was pretty fun, as far as mother-son activities go. W wasn't terribly interactive, he spent a lot of time just standing still looking around at everything going on around him. But that's par for the course. After we've gone to a couple classes, he'll probably be doing all the poses and having a grand old time.

I had a headache for a few hours after we returned home. I think it was caused by all the upside-down time. Not that we were doing handstands or anything, but we did spend some time in downward dog making a tunnel of moms for the kids to crawl through. Plus we did some rolling around on the giant exercise balls, and that involved some inversion. W got enough of a workout to fall asleep on the ride home. I fell asleep during my daily meditation.

I'm pretty sure I'll go back for more classes. You get a discount if you sign up for a card for 10 or more classes, so I'll probably do that. They stress that there is no expiration date, but the practical matter is that you'll have to use them up before they go out of business. Not that I think they've got a bad business, I like it a lot and it seems like they could make a go of it, but you never know. Lots of new businesses fail in the first year (I think the statistic is something like 80%). I figure we'll do the Wednesday morning inchworm class until Fridays After Five winds down, and then after that we can add the Friday morning inchworm class. Or I could take him on Friday mornings now if I think it will be too hot to go to FAF, but FAF is both fun and free, so I'm not keen on abandoning our little Friday afternoon summer routine if I don't have to. Even on hot days, it's usually not too bad by 5:30pm in the shade.