Drying Vegetables

Today I started drying vegetables. T got a dehydrator for Christmas last year, so I pulled it out and set it up on the counter. The instructions say it will take THREE DAYS to dry out the tomatoes. I'm supposed to rotate the trays every six hours or something like that. I've got tomatoes in two trays, and yellow squash in one. One of my books about preserving food says that dehydrated yellow squash is delicious, and good in salads. I'd never heard of that, much less tried it, but I'll give it a try. If this experiment doesn't work out, all we're out is three days' worth of counter space and a couple vegetables.

I took a bunch of tomatoes that T didn't sell at the market this morning (although he sold A LOT of vegetables today) and cooked them down to a puree. I ran them through the food mill when they were halfway cooked. It was a nuisance, I don't have the world's greatest food mill. I'm starting to think I've got a pretty lousy one, but I'm not sure yet. It could be that it's just an inconvenient tool in general. Next time, I will try blanching and peeling the tomatoes. It's been a long time since I've blanched and peeled anything-- I remember it being a chore, but now that I've used the food mill, maybe it won't seem so bad. Anyway, when the puree was suitably reduced I froze most of it (about two cups) and kept one cup out, which I'll use tomorrow. I've got some cooked macaroni leftover from making tuna casserole the other day, and I think I'll make some baked macaroni (like baked ziti, but I'll just use macaroni instead).