Liquid Podge Stinks

At just about the time W completely wore out the box for his crayons (from repeatedly putting the crayons in the box, then taking them out of the box, then putting them into the box, and taking them out of the box), I used up a can of breadcrumbs. Now we've got a nice container in which to gather the crayons, and it will be somewhat more durable than the box.

I pulled out the "Liquid Podge" today. Although since examining the label, I'm not sure what the "Mod" in mod-podge is supposed to be, if the glue itself is the podge. Maybe the mod is the colored paper. I wasn't even born in the 1960s, I just don't know.

Nevertheless, I ripped strips of colored construction paper, and stuck them to the breadcrumb can using this stuff. But man, it smells to high heaven. It's an unusual smell to me; it doesn't smell like glue, or paint, or solvent. But it is similar to those smells. Hopefully this one coat will do the trick, I really don't want to have to open the lid again and inhale those vapors. But I'm not counting on it, since the edges of the strips seem to stubbornly come up no matter how many times I brushed them down with the first coat.

I wonder if there is a new low-emission product for this sort of craft? Or do kids just not do this anymore? From what is currently available in stores, I suspect there are a lot of things we did as kids in the 1970s and 80s that have now been eliminated for safety reasons. I can imagine a lawsuit if a kid came home from daycare smelling like this "liquid podge" stuff.