5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

When following a facebook note about a woman who restyles one dress per day, I found an intriguing recipe on her blog. It was a recipe to make an individual serving of chocolate cake in a coffee mug, cooked in the microwave.

As soon as I got the printer working (no small feat, it required two separate reboots of the computer), I took that recipe downstairs and tried it.

First of all, it was really easy, and uses pantry staples for ingredients. I can't imagine I'd ever be without any of the ingredients for this.

Secondly, it's FAST. It's five minutes start-to-finish, not five minutes in the microwave (cook for three minutes!). And the only dirty dishes generated are a coffee mug, the plate you dump the cake out onto (although this is optional if you give the mug time to cool down), the fork you use to mix (and eat!), and a measuring tablespoon.

With a chocolate cake so fast and so easy, you'd expect it not to taste as good as a more traditional cake, right? Well, whether you expect miracles or not, this is certainly not the best chocolate cake you'll ever eat.

But I'm going to work on that.

The cake is a little egg-y for my taste, although I have a theory about why this is so. It's sized for a regular coffee mug, which can only hold a certain amount of batter. And while you can easily adjust how much flour, sugar, cocoa, milk, and oil go into the mix, you're pretty much stuck with the quantity of one whole egg.

But I have a solution for this problem-- giant coffee mugs. I made the recipe in a cafe au lait mug to begin with, so it didn't rise up out of the top. In fact, it didn't fill the mug to begin with, so there is room to add more other ingredients.

I'll take a look at various other similar recipes (they must exist, although how could I not have known about a FIVE MINUTE cake recipe until now?!?!), and take notes.

Within a few months, I expect to have an instant-cake recipe perfected. . .