One Minute Cake

Fortunately, I didn't have to do any experimenting to find a better recipe for fast microwave cake. Another woman who saw the cake-in-a-mug email beat me to it.

First I read her story, then clicked the link (at the bottom) to her recipe and gave it a try.

This recipe has more to recommend it. First of all, it has way fewer ingredients. Of course, one of the ingredients is sourdough starter, which not everyone has in their pantry. But I happen to keep a large container of whole wheat sourdough in my fridge; it's not sourdough starter, per se, but I gave it a try. I just tried to pull a more watery 3T clump of dough for the cake. Secondly, it takes less time to cook. Mine was done in 1 minute. True, you have to heat the chocolate chips and butter first (this took one minute in my microwave, in two 30-second increments), but still, it's less cooking time than the 3-minute version I tried this afternoon.

Terry and I both agreed that this version was much better than the first. And it's got the bonus of not worrying about salmonella from undercooked egg. Not that I ever worry about that, but I suppose some people who use questionable eggs have to be aware of the risks.

All I did for this one was melt the chips in butter, stir in a pinch of baking soda and salt, and stir in a lump of my whole-wheat bread dough. Stirring the dough into the melted chocolate was a bit of a chore. Well, it probably only took 90 seconds or something, I didn't time it, but it was harder than stirring the sugar and milk combo of the other recipe. But it cooked faster, so it's about the same time for ultimate gratification.