Terry the Needy Canner

T was always very self-confident when he was a businessman. And he had an unfounded sense of self-confidence with regards to his farming, but that's become less of a problem now as he slowly realizes how little he does know about farming in the broad scheme of things. But he's go NO self-confidence when it comes to preserving foods.

He had me explain to him THREE TIMES how to chop up tomatoes and put them in a pot. I got exasperated the third time and accused him of not listening to me the first two times, but he said I was giving him "too much information to absorb all at once." Hmm-- chop up the tomatoes, put them in a pot.

I just made him watch some youtube videos, since I knew I wouldn't have the patience to explain how to blanch tomatoes, given our experience with just plain cooking them. Still, he needs me to go downstairs and hold his hand. So be it. It's still easier than doing it all myself.