Wii Fit Age of 19 (no, not for me, for William!)

W's taken a real fondness to the Wii of late. He's started doing the moves, so I set him up on the Wii Fit.

I made a "Mii" that looks just like him, and then signed him up for the Wii Fit program. I measured him to get his height right (2' 8"), but they wouldn't allow me to put in 2009 as his birth year, so I used 2008. They weighed him in at just under 23 lbs, which is due to the fact that they take 2 lbs off for clothes. There is an option to take 0 lbs off for clothes, so I think I'll do that for him going forward, since his accurate weight is just under 25 lbs.

Then I helped him with the balance tests. I had worked with him before we actually turned on the game, playing "step onto the Wii board, and step off". He likes the little Wii voice, so I'd imitate it, giving the command, "Step on" and he'd step onto the board, then I'd say in a little voice, "measuring. . .measuring. . .measuring" and he'd have to hold still, then I'd say, "Step off". Pretty simple stuff, but it's at the outer limits of his ability to follow multiple directions at this point. He's been practicing stepping on and off a white cardboard box, for several weeks now while T and I play Wii, but it's actually easier for him to step on and off the actual Wii Fit platform since it's lower to the ground (not to mention more stable).

So W was actually able to do the balance tests reasonably well, since you essentially just have to stand still and lean from side to side. So he stood still, and I sat on the sofa behind him, and helped him lean the proper amount to advance to the next round.

His Wii Fit age was 19. His little avatar moaned when they announced that. Oh no, 17 years older than his real age! The smartass Wii icon asked if he tripped a lot when he walked. As a matter of fact, he does. So I guess it's accurate. . .

A few hours after W had his inaugural turn actually playing Wii Fit himself, he was playing in front of T and I, and was stepping his feet in place, and leaning from side to side. I recognized that he was imitating playing games on the Wii Fit, he looked a lot like I do when I'm on the board. It was very funny. The kid is going to grow up thinking that video games are all about achieving good balance and playing guitar. I'll start keeping my camera downstairs so I can get a video if does that again, it's amusing. I might also go ahead and get the game "dance dance revolution" or whatever the best Wii dancing game is, he might like that, too.