William's First Yoga Pose

We've been going to the new baby yoga studio every Wednesday morning now for three weeks, yet today was the first day that W actually did a yoga pose with the class!

It's not as if all the kids are doing the poses and W is the only one just standing around. It's more like NONE of the kids are doing any poses, except maybe one or two kids, will do one or two poses. Today the stars aligned for W, and he did the mouse pose along with me.

I really don't know much about yoga. I have a passing familiarity with a few of the traditional poses from random classes taken mostly over 10 years ago and whatever they've got on the Wii Fit. So I don't know if the mouse pose is a "real" yoga pose or not. It seems an awful lot like what I know as "child's pose", but I'm no expert.

For the inchworm yoga class, the leader has a bunch of illustrated yoga picture books, and they generally match poses to animals. For the "mouse" pose, you curl up like a little mouse. Just kneel, and lean over your knees to put your head on the floor with your arms at your side. Not only did W do it when I explained it to him, he held the pose for the duration we were supposed to! I was very proud of him. For the frog pose, he got down in the correct squatting position, but he never figured out how to hop up from there, so I don't think that counts. Most of the other poses he just watched the rest of us do them.

There was one little girl who figured out how to do downward dog, and she just broke that one out at random times during class. I don't recall any of the other kids doing any poses, but it's not like I was paying much attention to anyone other than W, it's just that the downward-dog girl was near us.

This inchworm yoga class is growing on me. The leader said another woman complained about all those toddler-carrying lunges, so we did a different walk around the room. It's about time! The new thing was way easier, although we were instructed to strike a particular pose (I forget what it was called) and do 20 kegels several times, which was moderately difficult. I've never been led to do kegels in a public exercise class before, but the class description does say that the focus is on yoga for postpartum moms. Fortunately, the kids are all too young to ask what the heck kegels are.

The yoga is fine, but mostly I like the cuteness. The kids are for the most part just running around, or crawling over their (or another) mother, or trying to strike poses. There is a lot of general cuteness going on in the studio. The class generally has kids between 12 and 24 months old, so no one is talking much, they're just making faces, pointing, etc. to communicate. This is my favorite baby-age so far. While I definitely miss having a tiny little helpless baby, W seems happier now; he smiles more often. Now that he's learned to smile and wave at people he's having better interactions with strangers while we're out. He knows how to pet dogs and cats gently, so that's fun for him.

After reading "The Continuum Concept", I decided to give W a little more latitude when we were shopping today. He seemed to like walking around instead of being in a stroller or cart, and not only did he not get into any trouble, he seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit. He liked looking at his reflection in the display signs that were at his height. I can't let him run free all the time, mostly because he'd get too tired before I finished shopping, but today I just needed to try on a few pairs of pants (no luck). He always fussed when I took him in the dressing room when he was in a stroller, but today he stayed in there contentedly, banging the bench like a drum and making funny faces in the mirror. It's good to know I don't have to shop by myself if I need new clothes now. I just have to be willing to make very short trips and just try on a few things, and leave it at that, rather than continue to try on things until I find something suitable. I rarely have the patience for that myself, so I can't imagine W would last very long. But a few minutes here and there, and he's happy to tag along.