Weekend With W

T's going to Florida for the weekend, leaving me behind with W. I'm sure I would have found an excuse to do the same by now, if that boy was weaned. But he's not. Now that breastfeeding is only a few times per day, and only for 5 minutes at that, I don't mind it, and there are many benefits. Mostly it's a good thing to be able to nurse when something is wrong, like if W's teething or anything, it's very soothing for him. So I'm not going to rush the weaning. I don't feel an overwhelming need to get away from the baby for a weekend, it's nice having him around.

I was going to go to my mother's, until I found out that W's cousins would be there on Saturday night. T pointed out that W would probably have fun watching his cousins, and it's not like they'd be there constantly, just from dinner Saturday night through breakfast Sunday morning. While W does get overwhelmed by all their (the cousins') shrieking, it probably wouldn't be too bad just from dinner to bedtime, and he would enjoy watching them. It's me who would be bothered by the amount of shrieking and carrying on that would take place in the house. Four toddlers in a room is a lot for me. I like my ONE toddler in the house.

However, I had counted on going out there and getting the Disney song version of Dance Revolution for the Wii, so W doesn't think that making slalom skiing motions is dancing (he's getting his games and dancing confused). So I might yet go out there at some point, but more likely Sunday/Monday only. T's flight gets back into RIC on Monday afternoon.