W's Late Night

W didn't wake up from his nap until 3:30pm, and then by the time he had gone potty, eaten a snack, changed clothes, it was a bit late for us to be heading downtown for our usual Friday night out. We really have to leave the house by 4pm at the latest for things to be easy. But W wasn't fussy about staying home, so we did.

We had a pleasant and uneventful evening here, and things seemed to be progressing nicely towards a 7:30pm bedtime. However, once in bed, W just tossed and turned and wouldn't fall asleep! He definitely wanted me in the room the whole time he was not sleeping, although he stayed in his bed, he cried if I tried to sneak out. So I stayed with him. Until 8:45pm! I didn't mind staying in there so much, I don't interact with him, he's fine as long as I'm in the room. But because he won't sleep with the light on, I just do stretches and stuff to keep myself amused since I can't just sit on the bed and read (I can sit on the bed, but it's dark, so no reading). This does not bode well for my plan to take T's place in the farmer's market tomorrow morning. If I wake W up early so we make it there on time, he'll get fussy and tired before the market is over, and I don't have luck getting him to nap anywhere but at home anymore. I could always show up late to the market and set up at the far end. But it's more likely I'll just process this week's tomatoes. Maybe make some sauce to can. Some of the seals failed when we tried to can whole tomatoes-- I've been over it with the extension agent and we have some ideas about what happened. But my sauces have all sealed fine, so I'll go back to that, it seems easier for me.