Stroller Defect

We've been having problems with the seat tilt buttons on our stroller, and after only sixteen months of use, it has been rendered useless. I took the buttons apart already, but couldn't find a problem. But I didn't take them apart apart, I just took the main pieces out to see if a rock was in there or something, but they were clean.

I looked online, and I am not the first person with this problem. The consensus is that there is a design flaw-- the material that the buttons are made of changes size over time. So you've got to take the buttons really apart, and get sandpaper, and file down the buttons so they'll work right again. Or send an email to the company describing the problem, and hopefully they'll send you new buttons. Although those buttons will have the same design flaw, you'll get another year or two of use out of them before they shape-shift, and you won't have to wear yourself out sanding down plastic buttons. So I sent the email. Although since it's a weekend, so I doubt I'll hear anything back until next week.

It's not a major inconvenience as far as running errands or anything, since my travel stroller still works fine. The problem is with the terrain stroller we use to go on walks here on the gravel roads. And since our neighbor just loaned us her baby-backpack yesterday, the lack of stroller doesn't even put me out as much as it would have earlier in the week. If I want to go for a walk, I'll just put W in the backpack until I get the stroller fixed. Today I walked with him to the mailbox and back. Surprisingly, it was no more or less difficult from an aerobic standpoint than pushing the stroller up the gravel driveway. Although I do think I used mostly different muscles, it was the same overall amount of difficulty. So tomorrow I may try to more precisely adjust the straps on that thing, and set out on a longer walk. I did 1/2 mile today without a problem, so perhaps I'll try 1 mile tomorrow.

For some reason, the

For some reason, the stroller site had rejected the email request I sent to them, so today I did a "live chat" and they said I needed to call for the part. I wound up on the phone with the same guy I "chatted" with, and they sent me replacement parts for $9 shipping. If I was more frugal I would have saved the $ and just sanded the pieces down, but realistically, I know if we waited for me to get around to it, W would have outgrown his stroller before I finished the project. I'm pretty confident I'll be able to use a screwdriver and replace the parts the same day they arrive in the mail (since I took them out once to inspect them already, I know it's easy).

The air in the tires seems to deflate a little more often than I would expect, but they guy in customer service didn't have a replacement inner tube to send me, and he recommended I take the tires to a bike shop for them to put a new inner tube in. I'll probably go ahead and do that, the stroller handles much better when the tires are properly inflated, and it's a nuisance re-inflating every few weeks.

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