W Shows Off For Daddy

I didn't bother trying to get W to bed at the regular time, since I knew T would want to see him after he got home at 7:30pm. Fortunately, he wound up getting home around 7pm, so W's bedtime isn't that far off.

W has been fine with me all day, we stayed in this morning so I could do laundry, and it was just too darn hot to go out this afternoon. I guess W did get some outside time this morning-- I took him out to the garden with me before breakfast since I needed to water my vegetables. He decided he wanted to get watered, also, and kept running through the spray of the hose. He got soaked, but was having a lot of fun, and it was pretty hot out even at 9am.

The first thing W showed T when he got home was the vacuum cleaner. W gets a very serious expression on his face, makes a fist, and pushes his hand very slowly away and then back again. I can only imagine this is how I look when I vacuum. I decided to move the vacuum cleaner into the dining room, since I'm tired of sweeping up the mess after each meal with a broom. We can always move it back to the closet if we're expecting guests. It's a canister vac, so I took the long stem part off and put the floor head directly on the hose, so W could use it. He's very excited about this, although he's still not the least bit proficient. But I think there is a chance he could be proficient in a few weeks. I let him vacuum up his mess after every meal. I guide his hand so he gets it all up, but I think he'll get the hang of it before too long. It's physically within his capabilities, he just needs to understand it.

I think the next trick that W showed T was combing his hair. T thought that W wanted another haircut, but after I saw what he was doing I knew that he meant combing his hair, not cutting it. It didn't occur to me at the time that giving W a little comb and showing him how to comb his own hair was going to make a lasting impression on him, but now that I think about it, I've always combed his hair for him before, and this weekend probably was the first time he's done it himself. He's been brushing his own teeth for nearly a month now (We help him, but he's pretty good. It's easy since he doesn't have very many teeth).

The last thing W showed off was slow dancing. His dancing is a moving target-- when he hears something with a strong beat, he does squats. It looks like he's trying to poop, but if he doesn't have a pained expression on his face and there is music on, he's actually "dancing". He also snaps his fingers (very cute) and now points, too. T says, "rock and roll!" and does that three-fingered fist-pump thingy, but W's is more like the disco pointing finger in Saturday Night Fever. At the pool, it took people a minute to figure out that W was dancing when they saw him. When we were walking to the car from dinner last night, a passing car was playing very loud music, and W stopped walking and started dancing there on the sidewalk. He was both squatting AND pointing simultaneously, and several other people walking by instantly recognized it as dancing (one even said W had good rhythm, but I really don't know how much rhythm a 1-year-old is supposed to have innately, so who knows?). So his dancing is getting better. And I guess I did help him add slow dancing to his repertoire. We were listening to classical music, and I started doing some ballet moves. Putting my arms in various positions, leaping, plies, jumps, pirouettes, etc. I helped him dance along by moving his arms and legs in large slow circles. So when T put on his lullabies tonight, W started doing his version of slow dance. This actually resembles dancing-- he shifts his weight slowly from one foot to the other, and his holds his arms out in 1st or 2nd position (either like he's hugging a tree in front of him, or out wide to the sides).

What is interesting to me, is that apart from the vacuum, he only combed his hair once, and slow-danced once. And neither was today. Yet that's what he wanted to show off, he knew that they were new skills, and he remembered them. He watched me blanch and peel tomatoes this afternoon from the high chair. I wonder if at some point in the future he'll throw tomatoes in boiling water, and then look for a bowl of ice water? How am I supposed to know what he is absorbing, versus what I have to repeat a hundred times?