New Daily Routine

Fresh off the success of our weekend alone, W and I are trying out a new daily routine now that T is back home. T has agreed to lay low during the day and not interfere with whatever W and I are doing. T had expressed interest in spending more time focusing on his music, so this works out for him-- he'll have a good reason to stay holed up in his studio and not wander around the house during the day.

But T will also be spending a good portion of his time outdoors-- he still needs to grade the ground around Maple Shade Park, and there are the retaining walls to be built, etc. There is quite a bit of work to do in the next week. And we want to get trees and shrubs planted in September so they'll have at least a month to settle in before the first frost.

So far, so good. There was a little drama after breakfast when T left to go work in his garden, but I explained to W that T was going to work and would be back for dinner, and W has been a happy little clam since then. We didn't get our act together in time to go to the book fair this morning, so we'll go once W wakes up from his nap. We did, however get the rest of the week's laundry done. W found the box of baby toys I still had in the sewing room, and he was content to play with them, taking breaks to follow me from room to room as I put folded clothes away, like my little duckling.

I haven't been to the Green Valley Book Fair in years, but I was reminded by an ad or article or something that they have children's books, and I'm a little bored of the books W has now. Time to put some of them away for a few months and get something fresh to read. W likes the Maisy books, and also the Boynton ones, so I'll look for more of those.

He's also learning baby signs very quickly now, so I'll look for a book with more signs. We don't know many signs, and I'm not keen on reinventing the wheel so if someone else has thought of "standardized" signs, I'm all in favor of teaching those. Besides, other people will then also be able to tell what W wants.