Deadly Corn Bite

I was out harvesting some ears of corn for dinner, when my hand started tingling. Fortunately, T had just come home, so I called for him to come in from unloading the truck to take W. I went and first washed my hand well, but saw no sign of any stinger. But washing didn't make the tingling go away, and in fact it was starting to spread.

I know there are poisonous spiders that are very small, so I feared it might be that, and I didn't notice it when it bit me. There were plenty of insects of various kinds on the cornstalks, but I didn't pay them any mind, figuring they were harmless. At any rate, I called poison control to see what they recommended. They said to take a benadryl, and they'll call me back in an hour.

They said it doesn't matter what bit me, the instructions are all the same, take a benadryl. They said if it were a black widow spider bite, I'd need to go to the ER for the pain, and I might have some muscle stiffness. But there's nothing I'd need an ambulance for, unless my airway started swelling so I couldn't breathe, but taking the benadryl right away should prevent that, so I should be fine.

My hand is still tingling, but less so now that it's been five or ten minutes since I took the benadryl. I still can't find any bite marks, but whatever happened it was on the outside edge of my right hand. I put the ears of corn on top of the freezer in the kitchen when I walked in the house, but now I'm hanging out upstairs. I'm a little freaked out to go deal with the corn, lest whatever bit me is hiding in one of the husks. I'll see if I can get T to husk the corn, or maybe I'll do it wearing gloves.