Music Together Class Was Fun

I took W to the Music Together demo class at the museum this morning. He's still off his nap schedule, but I was able to keep him going with a well-timed snack before the class. He fell asleep immediately after lunch, which worked out perfectly.

This particular music class for babies seems to be the trendy thing to do, I have many friends who do this with their kids. It just didn't sound to me like it would be much different than W already gets at home, music-wise, so I wanted to take a sample class to find out for myself before signing up for the whole course.

It is the same as we do at home, but it's still a different experience since there is an entire room full of kids and adults, instead of just the three of us. The leader played guitar, and we sang along, and did some dancing, some use of rhythm instruments, some waving about of scarves, etc. At home we have more different instruments thrown into the mix, and more variety of dancing along to recorded music. Nevertheless, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the class. Again, it's the cuteness factor; W infuses our home with cuteness, but when you have LOTS of toddlers in the same room together, the cuteness is multiplied.

W mostly observed today. When everyone was galloping around the room in a big circle, he stood in place and watched until I was halfway around the room before he ran over to me and joined in. He held the props (shaky eggs, drum, scarf, etc.) at the right time, but he didn't really wave them around to participate, he just held onto them. I thought there was a chance he'd actually participate a little more with this, since it is very much like we do at home. But he does seem to be confused about his role in the large group setting, so I just let W be W.

Unfortunately, it's not going to work out to sign up for the next session since we're already signed up for swim lessons, and the times conflict. But I'll make it a priority to sign him up for the one after this, which I suspect won't be until January. Until then, now that I know the "drill", I can tailor a few of our song experiences at home to be more like they'll do in the class, so he'll hit the ground running when we do eventually take the class.