W Was Star of Yoga Class

W finally started really participating in yoga class today! Last week he did one pose, but today, not only was he doing many of the yoga poses, he was very interactive and having a good time! This is the fourth class he's been to (I've been taking him once per week), so I guess now I have some idea how many times he needs to attend something before he feels comfortable. Or maybe I just know how long it takes him to feel comfortable in an inchworm yoga class, and it will be a different schedule for any other program we sign up for. . .

This is the first time we've gone to the Friday class, and it's quite different than the Wednesday class. Not the class format, which is the same, but the attendees. While the Wed. class seems like mostly kids age 1-2 yrs old, today there were fewer moms there (just four of us) and two had little crawling babies (<1 yr old), while two of us had 1.5 year-old toddlers. I don't know if being the most experienced baby helped W open up (the other toddler had not been to a yoga class before) or if it was just his week to shine regardless.

W started off doing a good butterfly, and he did the mouse again, and he did a pretty good little bird. He got closer to doing the frog, although he didn't actually hop, or squat down as far as he should have. He at least got into a crawling position for the cat, although I don't think he understands he's supposed to bend his back. He still doesn't get downward dog, but he did a reasonable approximation of the monkey. And he was happy and smiling the whole class, instead of just silent and expressionless, like in previous weeks.

We may be switching to the Friday class generally, in order to go to "toddler time" at the museum. Or we may to both yoga and toddler time on the same day, since the schedules work out. But I've been trying to space out W's group activities so he doesn't get more than one per day. While I think it's important that he spend time with kids his own age, I think it's also important that he have plenty of quieter play time, too. I don't want him getting used to too fast a life pace, since T and I prefer to keep things pretty laid back, and don't want our son demanding to be carted all over town for zillions of activities when he gets older. One thing a day is plenty.