One Extra Thing Daily

Not taking my ADD meds actually works to my benefit now that I am watching W all day. Because I have no real ambition to get anything done, just hanging out suits both W and me very well. We go do things, but that's different than getting things done, because we have no real goals or agenda, we're just living in the moment, doing whatever we feel like.

Now that I am not spending so many hours per week in neurofeedback, I'm trying to set up a regular housekeeping routine again. I've determined that I like to do laundry on Mondays. Sometimes I don't finish it all until Tuesday, but that's fine, since I sort it all Monday morning and all that remains is to manage what goes into and out of the washer and dryer, load by load. I do dishes daily in the morning before or while I make breakfast, and then I do them again in the evening after dinner, when T takes W for his bedtime routine, which T is now in charge of. Now that the vacuum is conveniently located in the dining room (and already plugged in, too), I clean the floors in the dining room and kitchen after every meal. One of the strategies for dealing with ADD is to eliminate as many steps as possible for multi-step chores. Which is why having the laundry room upstairs near all our clothes was so important that we built an addition to our house to make that happen. And keeping the vacuum just one click of the pedal away from cleaning up the most frequent messes is helping a lot, too.

In addition to the daily stuff (which really isn't that much to handle, especially now that W and I go out more often, we'll often eat lunch out so I only cook meals 2x/daily instead of 3), I try to do one "extra" thing per day. The "extra" thing might not appear to be particularly substantial, I expect someone more organized and less distractable could get several extra things done per day, but I've set my goal at one. I want it to be achievable so I don't get discouraged, and stay motivated to stick with it.

So yesterday, I decided I'd get the Corelle plates into circulation. I started this "project" weeks ago when I purchased the plates. But they've been in their boxes in the pantry since then. Then I decided I needed to make room in the cabinets before I added more plates. So over the past few weeks, I've been pulling out the old plates with chips in them and putting them in then pantry instead of back in the cabinet. That eliminated about 80% of the old dishes (you see why it's time for new ones, I can't put a place setting for four together without using chipped dishes, which I find unacceptable). With fewer dishes being used, there is more room in the dishwasher, so yesterday I finally opened up a box of new dishes and stuffed them in there. Today, I took out the few remaining non-Corelle plates and boxed them up. I still really like the yellow color, so I'm going to put them in the garage, and bust them up to use them as mosaic tile when I make concrete objects for the garden. I still have another box of dishes to wash and get to using, but one thing at a time.

There are a lot of "projects" I want to do, but I am resigned to not being able to sit down and work on something contiguously (especially since our once-a-week babysitter bailed on us since she's "too afraid" to drive on the dirt roads in her car, after coming out here one time). So if the project is to put shelves in the laundry room, one day my "extra" thing will be to measure. Another day I'll find and mark the studs where I'll put the brackets. Etc. So a 90-minute project will take all week, but it will get done, where it might take months to get done if I wait for the stars to align when I have a contiguous 90 minutes in which to work on it.