Hat or Costume?

At the neighborhood picnic today (it was for people on Brown's Gap Tpke and its side-streets, but we went anyway even though we are one more street removed), someone asked me what W was going to be for Halloween.

Yikes, I hadn't thought of that yet. Although I did notice that I had some patterns for costumes when I was organizing a box in the sewing room. I guess I'll take a look at that. I think there is a pattern for a lion, he'd probably be a cute lion. Although now that he can flap his arms like a butterfly, I'm tempted to make him a butterfly costume. Maybe I could do some kind of bird, they flap their wings, too.

But the cooler weather has made me thought of hats for W. I got some chunky alpaca yarn over the summer to make W a hat for winter, but of course I'm not keen on knitting with warm wool when it's been so hot. But now that we've had a few cool days, I'm tempted to pull out the yarn. On a practical note, he might need a hat before he needs the costume, it's entirely possible that it will get chilly enough one day before Halloween that he'll need to wear a warm hat.

Plus, I'm making very slow progress in organizing my sewing room. I've put away new fabric from one out of two bags I bought in NYC. I've also traced the slopers created from plastic wrap onto paper, so I could finally throw out the plastic wrap. But that's about it. I still can hardly get to my sewing machine. It'll be easier to get to the yarn to knit a hat, than it will be to clear a space to lay out a pattern on fabric to sew a costume.