William's First Visit to Staunton

It took a long time to get out to the Green Valley Book Fair last week, so when I realized I wouldn't be able to make it home in time for dinner, I decided to stop in Staunton. W and I arrived there just before 6pm, so I picked up a map of downtown from the tourist center and got a recommendation of where to get a quick dinner with a baby.

I took this photo outside the pizza place where we ate. The pizza was good (they make gourmet 'za, and sell it by the slice if you want it really fast). I ordered a beer, and the waiter carded me. When he was scrupulously examining my license, I told him, "yeah, that's a SEVEN". C'mon, I can't imagine that I look anything like underage. I know toting a baby around does shave a few years off people's estimation of my age, but not that many years!