My First Baby Hat

It's not William's first hat, but it's the first hat I've knit for a baby. It went really quickly, I checked my gauge last night, then knit half the hat during W's nap this afternoon. I finished up when we got home from dinner, after W went to bed.

The boucle yarn I got isn't nearly as fluffy as the one called for by the pattern, but I couldn't find that one, so I did the best I could to choose a replacement that would match the main yarn. So the hat is more reserved than I had originally envisioned, but it's still fine for a boy. Now I need to get him a coat before it gets cold out. He's got some jackets that fit, but his coat from last year is probably too small. Maybe I'll look for a pattern, baby clothes sew up pretty quickly since they are so small, and W would look really cute in a dark blue pea coat, and he's already got the hat to match. . .

boucle-striped hat