Finally Found Patterns

For days now, I've been searching online to see if I could find some sewing patterns. I wanted a pattern to make an overcoat for W, and a swimsuit for myself. I still have the pattern for the bikini I sewed when I was pregnant, but for W's swim class, I'd prefer a bit more coverage. It will be indoors anyway, it's not like I care about tan lines.

I couldn't even find swimsuit patterns in Simplicity, Vogue, or Butterick. I finally found a suitable pattern in McCall's, which is the same company who made the pattern I used for the bikini. I already have some swimsuit fabric, I got it when I was in NYC in early spring, but didn't really spend time sewing this summer like I thought I would. But I still have a need for it, so I'm glad to have it on hand now.

Again, in most pattern lines, I couldn't really find any coats for toddler boys. There was always something for girls, but there really aren't too many patterns for boy clothes. Luckily for me, I found one pattern for a young boy's overcoat (Simplicity), so I won't have to pay the $70 for the one I saw on

Wal-Mart stopped carrying patterns, and a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics always gets bumped way to the bottom of the priority list on errand day (because I still never know exactly when W will declare that he is DONE with errands for the day, I try to plan the trips so the essentials get done first), so I looked online for a source. I found one seller on ebay that had both patterns for a decent price, so I just ordered them!

I'll have to finally open that envelope that Metro Fabrics (one of my go-to fabric shops in NYC) sent me with fall fabrics, and see if they sent me a swatch of something suitable for a boy's coat. I think I only need one yard, so even if the wool is more expensive locally, it might be less after you take into consideration shipping from NY. Shipping fabric makes the most sense when you're getting a whole box of it, I think.

It'll take a week or so to get the patterns (I'm guessing), so that gives me a little time to finish organizing the sewing room so I'll have room to work. I've been doing a little bit of organizing here and there, and the cutting table is almost cleared off. The table with the actual sewing machines, however, is still a disaster. I went ahead and ordered a tankini from Land's End so I'll have something reasonable to wear to W's swim class, in the event that I don't get around to sewing a suit for myself for whatever reason. It's not even like I don't have any other decent suits to wear, my MiracleSuit is still relatively flattering, and I got another suit of a different brand that was the same concept this summer, too, and neither look worn out. But I'm just a little bored of them, honestly. I wore them a lot this summer, and I just feel like something different. And I don't feel like letting it all hang out in a bikini in an indoor pool, that's madness. It's not exactly flattering outdoors, either, but at least my big white belly would use the opportunity to get a little skin color. Indoors, there is just no excuse at all.