Not Caught Up Yet

Oy, I thought I'd be back on track by now. The off-track-ness began I think when T and I went to the Lady Gaga concert. W stayed up with the babysitter until 11:15pm, and his schedule has been off ever since. At least we've got him pooping during the daytime again (yes, his schedule got so "off" that even his basic, previously predictable, body functions went haywire).

We had a busy weekend, which wouldn't have been a problem except that since W's swimming lessons were pushed back a week, we decided to extend our weekend and go visit my parents Sunday/Monday. This is the 2nd week in a row we've had a 3-day weekend, and that has seriously upset my laundry routine. See, I'm supposed to do laundry on Mondays, since that's the day W and I stay home all day. Except for the past two weeks. I actually managed to do all the laundry last week in bits around our scheduled activities, but what I wasn't able to do was get it all folded and put away. I thought perhaps I'd do this week's laundry this afternoon, but I was too lethargic. I blame that on forgetting to bring my sleep machine when we went away for a night, and so I didn't get enough sleep, and now I'm really tired (it usually hits me the day after the problem night, I don't know why).

But we have activities in the morning Tuesday-Thursday, so I'll need to motivate and do laundry in the afternoons or at night. Or maybe re-think our schedule, so things don't get so out-of-whack if I'm away from home on a Monday. Maybe juggle things around to get another morning free earlier in the week. The problem is that I'm generally not productive at all, but if I am to get anything done, it either has to be done first thing in the morning, or in the early evening after 2-4 hours of lazing around in the afternoon. It's very, very difficult to motivate myself to get anything done in the afternoons, which is why it was such a good time to take W to the lake all summer. And we just hang out around the house now. I usually don't even bother taking Ritalin in the afternoons, I'm not sure even that would get me motivated (although it works GREAT in the morning). If I'm rested enough, I can be bothered to cook dinner. But if I have a difficult afternoon, I don't even have the energy to cook dinner in the evening.

W didn't get to sleep until 8pm tonight (although it was 9pm Sunday and Monday nights, so this is progress), so it's a little late for me to get much laundry done, but I'll at least do one load. And maybe I can fold and put away some of the clothes from last week. I'm tempted to skip baby yoga tomorrow morning in order to stay home and catch up on housework. There's no more Fridays After Five, so I could go to the baby yoga on Friday this week. I'll see how I feel after I do some laundry tonight. There are so many piles of clean but unfolded clothes right now, it's depressing to even go in there.