Wednesday is the New Monday

I decided to skip baby yoga this morning so that I could do the laundry that I skipped by being out-of-town on Monday. That plan worked out really well. I put away all the clean clothes from last week, as well as cleaned and folded all the clothes from this week.

I thought I'd just take W to the Friday morning yoga instead, but then I got a call reminding me that my second study appointment with the Cognitive Aging Lab is on Friday. It's in the afternoon, while yoga is in the morning, so I may still choose to go to yoga. It just will involve more driving than originally anticipated (since I'll have to take W home for his nap, then turn around and drive back to Cville for the study). I guess I'll play it by ear. The yoga studio conveniently uses a drop-in card system, so I don't have to use them up every single week, they'll carry forward until we go to 10 classes.

More pressingly, I have to figure out what to do with W tomorrow. Thursday is usually the day we run errands, but I really don't have much shopping to do this week (I guess I'm trying to use up stuff I have in the freezer. . .). I would like to get going on finishing up the 2009 tax returns, but I just can't focus on them while watching the baby, I'll have to work on that over the weekends. Maybe we'll try the bounce-n-play, or something like that. There is this place in town, indoors, where kids go to play. I haven't been there, but am curious.