Another Busy Weekend!

Last Saturday we went to the Monticello Harvest Festival, and all had a good time. There were lots of artisans and farmers with cooking and farming demonstrations, as well as other heirloom handicrafts-type stuff. I met someone who will help me process my fleece, so that was nice. I also talked to a farmer who had some good tips about how to keep the predators away from chickens. I think at this point it's inevitable that T and I will get chickens, but we still don't have a time set for this. Maybe next year, maybe later. There were also a few music tents, which W enjoyed. That kid really likes music. We'll probably go again next year.

This morning, W and I went to the "Family Fun Day" at the Child Study Center at UVA. Their main building is actually on Millmont St., although the studies W has done previously were in Gilmer Hall. The event today was at Millmont. There was a DJ, so W spent some time entertaining everyone with his squatting-dance, although this time he did mix it up with his shifting-his-weight-from-side-to-side moves. We also watched a ballerina (W was too shy to dance with her, unlike some older toddlers, who were great). We spent just a minute or two at the "Baby Boot Camp" demo. I thought it would be exercise for babies, but NO, it was more about exercise for moms. Sorry, not my cup of tea! If they want my boy to do jumping jacks and other calisthenics, sign us up, but if they want the mothers to be running themselves ragged, then they can just sign up somebody else.

W got fingerprinted-- they didn't use ink, but some usb digital fingerprint thing (can fingerprints be anything but digital? ba dum bum). He tried bowling, but his inability to throw a ball rendered that a dull activity. He just stood there, holding the ball, pointing at the pins.

He liked the giant bee. All the kids seemed to like the giant bee. There was an adult in a bee costume. It had a big head, where the person inside has to look out painted perforated spots in the eyes of the mask so it wasn't just like a person with a costume and face paint. It was like a giant bee, and the kids all mobbed it like it was some sort of rock star. I didn't recognize the character, if it was a specific character. For all I knew, it was just a random giant bee at the party. Nevertheless, W really, really, enjoyed interacting with the bee. Tried pulling its nose at one point. Gave it a high five, danced with it, waved to it. I didn't expect that, he seemed kind of afraid of the ballerina, and she was a very pretty and friendly young lady (older teen, probably college-aged).

He got a fish painted on his face, although the lady painted a rather elaborate fish, she nearly didn't finish it since W wasn't in the mood to sit still for that long, but it looked good. He tried fingerpainting, but didn't really seem to "get it". He got some paint on his hands, and some on the paper, but an equal amount on a rock he picked up, his arm, and a little on his shirt. I entered in a bunch of raffles to win kid stuff, but I didn't see anything there I just had to run out and sign up for or buy.

W was also mesmerized by the violin player. There was a woman there playing violin intermittently. She gives lessons, but said she usually starts kids around 4 or 5 years old. She said she's tried to teach younger kids, but it's not generally very successful, whereas they all do pretty well by the time they are four. W sure liked listening to the violin. Too bad for him, we're grooming him to be in our rock band, not in a chamber group.

He's napping now, but after lunch we'll go to the parade in Crozet. It's the 100th anniversary of the local volunteer fire department, so there will be a big celebration. I don't recall W having been to a parade before, so I think he will like it. If it's like the parade in previous years, we'll expect to see old cars, old tractors, and I think the library has a motley crew of whoever wants to march in the parade behind the library banner this year (there are talks of closing the library due to budget cuts, so I think the library is doing everything it can to prove it has community support).