W's Hair Is A Work In Progress

I was giving W a trim earlier this week, when he turned his abruptly into the trimmer, and lost a chunk of hair. So I had to come up with a different style than originally intended.

I had been trying to let his hair grow out, at least to the extent that it wouldn't look totally ridiculous sticking straight up. Which means that the hair on the top of his head toward the back needs to be somewhat short (since that's where it sticks straight up), but it can be a little longer toward the front, where it lays down normally. It had also been growing out a little in the back of his head (because it lays down there, too), but that's where I was trimming him up when he turned his head into the razor.

So I trimmed the rest of the hair on the back of his head quite short, to minimize the "bald" patch. And then I waited a few days before continuing the haircut, lest I lose patience and give him a total buzz for convenience. He was looking like an 80s skate rat with the shaved back of his head but a mop-top, so yesterday I trimmed up the front and sides a little bit. Not too short, but short enough that I think the haircut looks more modern than retro.

I took some photos of him at the parade today in which he turned his head away from the camera. Bad as photos generally speaking, but good photos of his new 'do.

Trim by trim, I'm getting a little better at cutting his hair each time. I'm getting better at just trimming little bits at a time, rather than making bold cuts to get the look I want for him. For hair that I want longer than the attachments on the trimmer will allow, I use the comb-and-trimmer method instead of scissors. I use a styling comb to hold the hair away from his head, then use the trimmer along the edge of the comb to trim it up evenly. Waaay easier than using scissors, even though his hair is fine and sometimes it takes me several attempts to get a clump to stay in the comb in the right direction. But I just view his haircut as a constant work-in-progress, and when I spot a "problem area" that starts bugging me, I sit him down for a trim, and even if I just trim up a few square inches, it's usually enough to make me happy for the rest of the week.