Falling Asleep Early

I've been particularly susceptible to non-nighttime sleep lately. Today I got tired around 5pm, when T came in to take over watching W, I fell asleep on the sofa. I had previously thought about going out to dinner (since I didn't have the energy to cook), but I was too tired to even go out. I went upstairs and continued sleeping until after 7pm.

This is not the first time I've fallen asleep early. I nap for the first hour of W's nap probably twice a week. Last week one day I was so tired I went to bed immediately after W, at 8pm. I was up for an hour around midnight, but otherwise slept straight through to morning.

A friend of mine, M, suggested I get my thyroid levels checked. They've been checked before, and were always normal. But I never went to a specialist, and she said that makes a big difference. Plus, even if they were normal before, they might not be normal now. I've had my levels checked every five years or so since my 20s, and they've always been normal, but what makes me want to check again is something M told me. She said that when she goes to her endocrinologist, half the ladies in the waiting room are on Ritalin. It's common for doctors to prescribe Ritalin when the real problem is thyroid.

The Ritalin is inexpensive (at least the generic is), but it is a schedule III drug, so that's a nuisance since you have to go to the doctor regularly to get it renewed. I don't know how much the thyroid drugs cost, but I did read that they are safe to use during pregnancy. It's a long shot, but T and I are open to having another child. Not that it's likely, given my medical history, but going off the meds when I was pregnant with W caused me some problems I'd rather not go through in the future. I'm off the antidepressants (hopefully for good, the neurofeedback seems to have "taken" since I haven't needed to go back yet and it's been almost two months since I finished my course of treatment). I take 1 dose of Ritalin maybe once per week, sometimes less; just on days I really need to get things done. But if my thyroid is not to blame for my fatigue, then I may consider going back on the Ritalin just to get some more energy and motivation. If I do get pregnant again, I'll suffer the same rebound effect as last time from going off, but that may be a chance I'm willing to take.

Or I may try doing the neurofeedback on my frontal lobes again. There is a seminar in October that I might sign up for. I'm on the fence. It's down in Florida, so it would be a big to-do, and if I wanted to continue nursing W then I'd have to bring him and T with me, etc.