Photos of My Cats

I just saw these photos of my cats taken by our catsitter:

I hadn't seen them before, but they're great marketing for her, aren't they? She plays with our cats more than we do anymore! I had forgotten that poor Fenway was outdoors by himself for several months. Shortly after the photos were taken, we let Merlin stay outside with Fenway. Now all three cats seem happy with the situation. Merlin and Fenway enjoy the outdoors and seem to keep each other company pretty well (we like to see them curled up together on one of the cushioned chairs on the front porch, although lately they've been hanging out together in the shade of my pepper plants in the garden). Rambo seems sometimes to miss having other cats around (most notably when he sits by the door or window when the others on the other side), but he still attacks them if they even stick their heads in the door to come inside.

I'm still undecided about what I'm going to do with them this winter. The whole fighting situation was due to a social phase that male cats go through when they are 4 years old or so, and Fenway and Rambo hit the age at the same time. So I don't know if the time apart has allowed them to mellow out, or what. I might try keeping Rambo in a cage (we bought a very large cage in an attempt to keep them all in the house before we gave up on that) while I let the other two back in the house. Or I might just get T to move the cat house he built from the back, where they never go, to the side of the house where they're more likely to hang out. If they would sleep in their cat house overnight in the winter, I'd feel better about leaving them outside. But I also miss hanging out with them. This summer was so miserably hot, I didn't spend much time at all outdoors. Maybe this fall I'll be out with them more.