Yoga Rock Star

I prepped W for yoga class this morning at home, before we left. I asked him to show his father the various animal poses, and he did several. I suspected that this boded well for class, and was correct.

W did more poses than ever today. The teacher even called him out for the other kids to watch as an example of what to do. And it was also the least-chaotic inchworm class I've been to. All the kids were more-or-less paying attention and participating, and there were no crying breakdowns from anyone for at least the first 40 minutes (very unusual!).

W really wanted to dance at the end, like last week. This time he spent a fair amount of time dancing with the teacher, and also a little girl in the class. The girl was older (she was a big sister) so I'd guess she was three or four. They held hands and W did his little dance with her (squatting, shifting his weight, etc.), although she didn't do much dancing herself. She didn't seem to quite understand what was expected of her. W certainly wasn't leading, so I don't suppose she can be blamed for that. The whole scene was extremely cute, though.