Potty Training Progressing

Potty training is progressing at a decent clip now. W is getting much better about alerting me when he needs to use the potty, taking some of the responsibility for just "sensing" when he needs to go away from me. This morning, he knew when he needed to go during yoga class, and made the signal to me and walked to the door. Yesterday when he was playing at his little friend H's house, he also abruptly stopped playing, squeaked at me and gestured I follow him as he walked right to their bathroom. Both days he's made it until afternoon before having a wet diaper.

But he's still not remembering every time. I caught him before he pooped in his pants today while he was playing in the kitchen. I just happened to notice when he suddenly stopped playing and was standing still with a "look" on his face, and immediately scooted him out of the room and over to the bathroom. We got there in time, but it was a close call.

He has been staying dry overnight lately, so we've stopped using disposable diapers at night, and I just put him in cloth diapers and he still sleeps through the night. I take him to the bathroom in the morning before he nurses now, in order to keep him dry. He's not keen on this new order of things, but I think he'll get used to it soon.

Both T and I have a feeling that he's pretty close to mastering the whole signal thing. He still can't pull his pants down by himself, so he really does need to learn to signal to us each time he needs to go. Although even when he forgets the hand signal, it's usually pretty clear when he gets up from playing and walks into the bathroom, or points at the door. Then I make the signal to him and ask him if he needs to go potty, at which point he usually makes the signal back with an emphatic look on his face that says, "Why do you think I got up and walked to the bathroom, woman? Of course I have to go potty!"

We've still got a couple weeks before he turns 18 months old, so it's possible he'll be potty-trained by then. I might sew some thick liners into his underpants to use for a while (DIY pull-ups). T and I are pretty psyched by his recent progress. Oh, to be done with diapers entirely! I am eagerly anticipating the day.