Finally, Rain & Cool Weather

Yesterday was very hot, but T continued working on Maple Shade Park. We really want to get the whole thing graded and seeded this month, and he doesn't have that many days left. So I took W all day yesterday, despite it being a weekend when we usually do family stuff now.

Today, however, was rainy and cool. Just what we needed to help that new grass seed. T has been going out and watering it several times per day since he put in the first side. Today he got a day off, and watched W pretty much all day. This freed me up to relax on our outdoor bean bag chairs with Merlin and Fenway on my lap while I read the newspaper. I miss Merlin and Fenway, and look forward to spending more time outside now that the weather is cooling off.

Also, I haven't been outdoors much around the house since both the weed-whacker and the lawnmower are broken, so the weeds/grass immediately around the house are just out-of-control. But I can't exactly do too much nagging of T to take care of it when he's working 8 hrs a day in the hot sun landscaping a new park for us to play in. But still, there is no place to go while all this in in progress, so W and I have to leave home to get outside playtime, unless he's in a stroller and we take a walk.

But since T can't really do the grading in the rain, and there is apparently a 100% chance of rain tomorrow (per the weather report), he will finally have a good day to fix the lawnmower. We'll have to wait for things to dry out before mowing the yard, but at least it will be possible once the mower is fixed.

Tomorrow is laundry day, so I don't mind that it's raining. It should be cool in the laundry room, then. The laundry room doesn't have its own climate control, although there is a vent over from T's studio. But we rarely turn it on since it's not like I spend hours in the room at a time. Except now on laundry day, I am in there a few hours in the beginning, but that's mostly since I'm busy folding clean clothes from the week before that I washed but never got around to folding and putting away. If I ever really get caught up, then I'd be in there maybe 20 minutes at a time, three or four times over the course of a day.