Discontinued Nursing Bra

Grrrr. I had been very happy with one of my nursing bras, but it is now beyond worn out and is truly pathetic. Yet I'm still nursing, so I went to order a new one, only to discover that my favorite model has been discontinued! It's on sale, sure, but there are none available in my size in any color.

I even tried a few other styles on when I was shopping for a regular bra a week or so ago, but I just didn't like them. Now what am I going to do?

It might be time to get really, really ambitious. Maybe I could carefully pull apart the existing bra at each seam and recreate with new material. Really, the elastic is what is most far gone, perhaps I could get away with just replacing the old elastic with new elastic.

It is a toss-up to me about which will be more painful, trying on dozens of new bras to find one that I like as much, or doing some serious sewing rehabilitation to the old one. Waaaah! I have a less-preferred nursing bra to wear in the meantime, but this discontinued business is really bringing me down. I went online to order myself a new bra as a pick-me-up to an uncomfortable* day, and instead I get more bad news.

*Nothing bad happened today, but my back is really aching. I think it's probably from tossing William around so much in the pool during his swimming lesson yesterday. So I can be just generally irritable when my body hurts. And I thought the anticipation of a new bra would cheer my mood, if not my muscles.