Gastric Distress

W was uncharacteristically fussy at swim class this evening. It was only later that I found out why-- the poor kid had gastric distress. He went from merely fussy to crying a lot while we were at dinner after class, and when I took him out to the parking lot to get some air, I heard the cause. I put him on his little pot (we keep one in the back seat of the car) and he felt much better afterwards.

Poor guy. At first I wondered why he didn't just sign that he needed to go to the bathroom, but I figure that it didn't feel like how he normally feels for that, so he didn't know quite what was wrong. I'm not sure if the problem was caused by giving him too many raisins this morning, or from teething. But I'll refrain from giving him raisins for the next few days, to be safe. Ordinarily they are not a problem for him, but they do tend to exacerbate any other issues.

The swimming teacher listed a bunch of things the kids have to be able to do to pass the class. One included walking up the steps by themselves, holding onto the rail. I took W over to test him on that, but he's too short to reach the rail, although he can go up the last two stairs by himself (since it's shallow enough he can put his hands down on the next step for stability). So I guess he can't pass the class until he's taller?

There are also a lot of drills involving jumping that he's not really "getting" because he hasn't yet figured out how to jump on land. But he does jump in his doorway jumper, so I'm sure he can physically do it in the water, and actually did come close to doing it on his own today. He probably would have if he didn't have such bad gas (which I was unaware of at the time, since he kept pointing to the parking lot instead of the bathroom, so I thought he just wanted to go home (which he probably did)).

But he was still a good sport about the "pop goes the weasel" game where I let him go under the water after I toss him in the air. That was the only time he seemed actually to be enjoying himself. I toss him up pretty high. Not that he's that far out of my hands, but we start off with me crouching in 3' of water, and I stand up with my arms over my head and just toss him up an inch or two, but it winds up being about 3' above the surface of the water, and it's fast, and he likes it.

Since this is the 2nd class of the week, although I felt fully recovered when I went in there, my back is now very, very, very sore. I think I will alternate ice and heat on it this evening. It's definitely the muscles I use to move him through the water for the various activities, since it's my upper back, lower neck, and shoulder blades. At least it's evenly sore since we move the kids in both directions kind of free-motion all over the place. It's not just on one side, which for whatever reason I find more annoying.