Finally! My New Website is Live!

I'm so glad I was finally able get my new website live! I was despairing yesterday when I thought I did everything right, but my home page doggedly refused to show any content. Today I awoke determined to find the problem.

It didn't take long for me to scour the fine print of my hosting company's site to discover that I had selected to use a Windows server, and PHP script is only enabled for Linux servers. I called up godaddy's technical support desk to find out what I should do, and they had the transfer set up for me within minutes.

It took a few hours for the switch to take effect (although far less than the 72 they warned me it could take), but when I went to my site this evening, it was already up and running! I *had* set it up correctly in the first place, just on the wrong kind of server.

I hope everyone enjoys my site! I'll eventually get all the stuff I had on the temporary page posted in here, but I think I've got enough to go with for now. I hope my friends will register and comment, but I know most people don't have unlimited free time to surf the net so we'll see.