Waking Up From A Dream

There is some point during nearly every day where I take a moment to thank God for what a good life I've got.

I've scaled back some of W's and my scheduled activities in the mornings so I can focus on housework and projects around here. Part of our new routine involves me getting 20 minutes of exercise after breakfast on the Wii Fit. Ideally I'll get another 45+ minutes of exercise during an afternoon stroller walk, but it's been raining all week, so at least I can count on the 20 minutes in the morning.

I did a full 10 minutes of the advanced hula hoop exercise (in addition to 12 minutes of other stuff), which I think wore me out. I wound up being pretty tired by 11am, so I persuaded W to take his nap early with me, and I slept on until 1pm (W slept on until 2pm!).

And when I woke up, my house was clean! What a wonderful life I have. I get to cozy up with my cuddly toddler under a down comforter on a rainy day for a midday nap, and when I wake up, every room in the house (except the nursery, where we were sleeping) is spotless. I like this a lot. It beats shuffling around from room to room trying to keep out of the housekeeper's way. So, the nursery doesn't get vacuumed; I can live with that. Although when I have grocery shopping to do, it is also nice to leave in the morning and come home to a spotless house. I always forget that the maid comes on Thursdays, so it is always a grand surprise when the house is magically clean.

Seriously, by Thursday morning it always winds up looking like it's been ransacked. But we've got the best housekeeper around, since she not only cleans, but also picks everything up and puts it away first. Although she can't perform miracles, I still need to get rid of (or store) a few boxes of baby toys that W no longer plays with to make some more room to organize the rest. And I still need to get my act together and organize that sewing room. I've made progress, but it's terribly, terribly slow. That's one reason I'm cutting back on W's out-of-the-house activities. I just need more time at home to get stuff done.